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-The Legislature recently made several improvements to the public education system, creating a flexible high school graduation plan, limiting end-of-course assessment requirements, and improving online access to public school accountability ratings. For students entering grade 9 during the 2011-12 school year or later, CSHB 5 would reduce from 15 to five the number of STAAR EOC tests that students had to pass to graduate. Students would be able to meet their graduation requirements by passing English II (both reading and writing), algebra I, biology, and U.S. history.
-Texas must determine how best to develop the organization, delivery and finance of our education system – which is still rooted in the 19th Century.
-Because of top-down mandates that dictate the smallest details of district operations, there are now nearly as many non-teaching personnel as there are teachers. To make education less bureaucratic, and to restore trust in local school officials and parents, Texas must determine how to allow genuine local control by giving parents, teachers and principals genuine flexibility.
-Charter public schools are an integral part of public school choice, injecting competition into the education system and giving parents increased options. Texas must consider how best to encourage the growth of charter schools.
-Texas must consider how best to create new educational opportunities for students in persistently failing schools.
-Online education is already transforming higher education and could have great benefits for K-12.

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