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Moral Values and Social Policy

-Texas must also continue to defend life, religious liberty, and the sanctity of marriage, which are the bedrock of strong and stable families. True prosperity is never purely economic, it is derived from a moral foundation that respects life and liberty and that places family at the center of the fabric of society.
-Texas must always stand ready to protect those who do not have a voice: protection of the unborn must be a priority. Our culture depends on it.
-Our culture also depends on a healthy respect for every person, respecting their dignity.
-The state must determine how best to develop a vibrant foster and adoption system so that every child who needs help – born and unborn – is given a loving and stable start in life.
-The Texas Constitution clearly defines marriage as between one man and one woman. Recognizing that this traditional marital relationship is the foundation of strong and healthy families, we must strive to protect marriage as defined in the Texas Constitution.
-The state and its political subdivisions must consider how best to continue to use the constitutional definition of marriage in the administration of government programs and in the application of the law.
-Religious freedom is one of the founding principles of our country. From voluntary religious expression in public schools, to the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the State Capitol, Texas must continue to defend religious freedom.

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