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Together, we will secure our porous border, keeping Texas safe from drug cartels and gangs that import crime to our state.

Our priorities are wrong when we live in a state that stops a valedictorian from mentioning God but doesn’t stop drug cartels from crossing our border. Some ranchers in South Texas can’t even walk on their own property unarmed. As Governor, I will marshal the tools we need to secure our border, and I’ll enforce the rule of law.


-Texas’ geographical location demands that we be prepared to deal with a multitude of security threats, ranging from international drug smuggling and human trafficking, to hurricanes and tornadoes.
-Our state must not be a magnet for illegal immigration, but must profoundly embrace our immigrant heritage by welcoming those who are here legally. Texas must provide law enforcement agencies in border counties with the resources they need to combat spillover crime and illegal border crossings.
-Texas possesses 64 percent of the U.S.-Mexico border: a length of 1,241 miles.
-In 2010, 67% of all U.S.-Mexico truck traffic and 86% of all U.S.-Mexico rail traffic used a Texas border crossing.
-In the year 2000, 1.6 million illegal immigrants were detained during attempted border crossings along the entire U.S. / Mexican border.
-In 2012, that number had dropped 78% to around 350,000.
-However, apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley are up by 55% compared to 2000 (94,000 since October 2012), surpassing the Tucson count for the first time since 1993.
-The Border Patrol does not maintain operational control over portions of the border with Mexico, with the weakest presence from Marfa to the Rio Grande Valley.
-Since the 2008–09 biennium, the State of Texas has appropriated $452.0 million in All Funds to secure the border area.
-Border security is imperative. Texas must determine whether to maintain or increase funding in the state budget for border security operations that assist law enforcement, and must develop a plan to better account for border control and law enforcement.

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