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My “Working Texans” plan will create greater opportunity in Texas. Our state is doing well, but we can do better.

Central to my plan are major fiscal reforms to control the growth of government: a tighter spending cap tied to inflation and population growth; expanded line-item veto authority so a governor can reduce spending; and, protection of our Rainy Day Fund, dedicating excess revenue to debt or tax relief.

My plan also supports investments in our roads, water infrastructure and energy development.

Job creation is the lifeblood of our state, pumping income into the pockets of families and providing opportunity, dignity, and purpose to workers.

The building block of a strong economy is an environment where entrepreneurs and workers have the freedom to aspire, to innovate, to grow, and to prosper.

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To share your ideas about building a better Texas and to learn more about Working Texans, I encourage you to take part in our online community, TownHall254. Together, we make Texas even stronger.


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