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Securing Texans

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  • Securing Texans

    Started by Team Abbott

    Our families, our communities, and our border must be protected and secured. We will continue fighting to keep out drug cartels and gangs that import crime to our state, protect our right to be safe in our own homes, protect children in our schools, enforce the rule of law and protect those who cannot protect themselves.


    this should be top priority, once the borders are secure, the illegals deported, legal TEXANS will have more job opportunities available, school systems will have more resources instead of overcrowding, crime rates will drop.
    BUILD a wall, hire and support with whatever means necessary more agents please, hire returning vets that our government so disgracefully disregards.

    I agree that Texas cannot rely on the federal government to secure the border, and I like the idea of hiring returning vets.

    It is ashamed this Government will not protect our borders, people come into this country using the proper channels, that’s the law, look at our military. Brother being held in Mexico for a wrong turn and Obama does nothing, they stand by their laws, why in the world don’t we stand by what marked our country great, we have laws and people want to be here because of them.

    Thank you all for your comments. Please see the full Securing Texans plan here: http://townhall254.gregabbott.com/forum/securing-texans/

    MC Lambeth
    Policy, Texans for Greg Abbott

    Securing our borders, I agree is the priority. Federal government is doing nothing to secure the borders. If anything the Federal government is exacerbating the situation by allowing illegals to go free after capture instead of immediate deportation. The Border Patrol is apprehending illegals and Obama’s administration is overriding the federal laws and letting them enter this country illegally after apprehension. Texas has to pass legislation reforms that will prevent Texas taxpayers from funding welfare benefits for illegals, public education for illegals, and housing. These benefits should be reserved for hardworking U.S. citizens who have contributed to our system for at least 10 years, not for illegals.

    Thank you all for your thoughts!

    Attorney General Abbott believes it is imperative for our state to secure the border, and keep Texas safe from drug cartels and gangs that import crime to our state.

    On June 12, General Abbott sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson requesting immediate action in addition to $30M of emergency funding to allow the Texas DPS to continue their operations in response to this humanitarian crisis. Greg Abbott supports Governor Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, and Speaker Straus in their call for the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to increase its presence along the border, at a cost of approximately $1.3 million a week. Greg Abbott has visited facilities in both the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio where those who illegally crossed into Texas are being housed, and reiterated his request that the federal government live up to its responsibility to secure the Texas-Mexico border.

    As a candidate for Governor, Greg Abbott has released a number of policy proposals that get to the heart of the problem. Greg Abbott’s “Securing Texans” plan, among other things, calls for:

    · Providing DPS with adequate funding, personnel, and resources to conduct strategic surge operations along the border on a year-round basis, including 500 new Troopers and 20 new Texas Rangers in the Border Region, approximately doubling the current DPS presence in the region.

    · In order to better assist border communities in addressing difficult cases arising from spillover crime, supporting District and County Attorneys’ Offices by increasing the allocation for the Border Prosecution Unit.

    · To impede illegal border crossings, improve safety for law enforcement officers and facilitate apprehension of drug and human traffickers, eradicating invasive and non-native Carrizo cane along the Rio Grande River through a multi-jurisdictional effort and only with the consent of private landowners.

    You can view the full “Securing Texans” plan on this web page: http://townhall254.gregabbott.com/forum/securing-texans/


    Seth W. Christensen
    Policy Analyst
    Texans for Greg Abbott

    I think Texas needs to be the model for border protection. I believe soon to be Gov. Abbott should increase the amount of National Guard troops at the border. I also believe he should increase the number of Border Patrol agents. The Dream Act needs to go. We should not be rewarding illegal immigrants and their children with free education. Also i think Texas should be the first state to start building a technological and secure fence that will stop the influx of more immigrants coming in. As far as these children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala goes they need to be sent back to their parents. The Presidents of these countries need to control the violence in their country. We cannot afford to house and support these children. I also believe that if any employer hires illegals over American workers should be sanctioned. The immigrants that are housed in the county and state prisons they need to be sent back to Mexico and put on the do not enter list. I think a do not enter list needs to be created in order to keep criminals and drug cartel members out of Texas.

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