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Texas Dept Correction

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  • Texas Dept Correction

    Started by Woody Latham

    One of the lowest paid and the DPS just got a big pay raise. We work hard and never get any respect. Officers are already talking about your deal on tv talking about the DPS. Just like Govern Perry none of us will vote for you. As governor he did nothing for us and its apparent your the same way. You will lose a lot of votes from us. We have a dangerous job as well and always working short handed but you never discuss our situation. The Texas Dept. of Corrections employees a lot of people and I promise you are being talked about. You will not get my vote.


    Woody Latham, I just wrote a small idea to Greg Abbott, about TDCJ. I know Greg & his Honest, Hard Working benefit’s. The prison was my job at one time. I began in 1998 & left around 2005, due to a corrupt system. I have to sleep at night, I was raised with Pride & Honesty. I’d go back, but not like it is now. I asked Greg to help it change. I ask all of you; Give Abbott a chance, Please. I hope Pride comes back to TDCJ CO’s. Jerry Beto was my last unit. I started in Dalhart, Texas unit & transferred to Clemmons unit Amarillo area. Jerry

    As a Current CO. at Polunsky and just had an incredibly stressful week comprising of the deaths of three inmates. We work in compromising environments with temperatures ranging from low 20s-100+s degrees with no accommodations for employees or inmates. In no means am I suggesting the need for additional comforts for the inmates, but for health accommodations for the workers. In addition to, we work understaffed and overworked. We have “mandatory” overtime even though it is voluntary sign up and by policy it is only voluntary. If we refuse to sign up we are bullied to sign up or face being reprimanded. There are additional issues I wish to discuss but question whether this forum is the best means to achieve my goals.

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