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Accountability or dissolving the CFPS agency

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  • Accountability or dissolving the CFPS agency

    Started by Barbara B Hampton

    There have been at least three recent deaths of children under the CFPS guise in the Bexar County and surrounding areas! They cause more harm than good to families without any solid evidence of wrong doing. They lie, misrepresent, threaten and perjure themselves in court. It is all about the money they get for foster care, adoptions and residential treatment centers. We have all the paper work and evidence (medical records) to go after them in Federal Court! Just look at what this Senator had to say about them in Georgia! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TcDTJlPWbE and Nancy Schaefer was an ardent supporter of families and brought to light corruption within the government Children Services world. In 2010, she was murdered, supposedly by her husband of 52 years and then he supposedly turned the gun on himself. This was as Georgia state Senator Nancy Schaefer was getting publicity for her report “THE CORRUPT BUSINESS OF CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES”. Please help us!


    Trisha Holmeide – Yes, the entire system is corrupt because everyone and their uncle are getting their bread and butter from CPS snatching children, holding them ransom until the parents have been made to undergo every imaginable social and medical service referral and treatment known to mankind–and your grandchild is effectively raised for 2-3 years with only limited visitation with the parent or parents the social worker deems worthy of such. There usually are no grand parents’ rights so you will want to cozy up to the social worker and see if she will allow for any visits from you or any other extended family members. Usually, by law, CPS is supposed to place the child in the home of family members if any are available and will meet their background check demands–are you capable of taking your grand child into your home and life? If so and they allow such go immediately to court and apply for Third Party custody before CPs can find some reason to take the baby from you (because ultimately they want the federal money for all those services that won’t be required if the baby is with you). If you are fortunate enough to obtain (with the parents’ permission) Third Party custody it will be up to you whether or not the child will be returned to the parents–and as you know them better than CPS you will know if there are any concerns that need to be addressed before doing so and keep the baby safe with you while the parents straighten up whatever deficits they may have. Good Luck and God Bless. I only wish I hadn’t stalled around like I did thinking they (CPS) would never take my grand kids from me until it was too late and they were gone…forever. Trisha Holmeide – Oh, Hope, I can feel your pain through your words and know it will never go away until you can have your grand kids back and justice done to the perverts who specialize in the destruction of the family for their own agenda. But, regardless of what else you have learned I want you to know what I have come to realize over the many years of working within the social service field and as being a victim of the system myself. It is not just about the money and when you understand some things they do will begin to make sense.

    First, I want you to know the very fact that you are not criminals–in
    fact, you are probably very good people, with talents, strengths, beliefs, traditions and morality to hand down to your grand children in the most remarkable ways probably IS the reason the people at CPS will not release them to you. Second, I want you to be aware of the pernicious people behind our educational institutions who literally brainwash young people who choose to go into the social service field “to help” those who are less fortunate than themselves. When these young people complete their educations they become thoroughly convinced that anyone who seeks government assistance, has trouble paying bills, gets into minor scapes with the law or uses any sort of illicit drugs is deficit in character and probably incapable of living according to the state’s version of morality. Therefore, all such individuals are suspect for harming the children in their care. They also believe the “state” is superior to the individual and whatever the state determines as far as parenting and individual behavior is the way it should be. They enter the field with the attitude that they are gifted with special talents and insight and knowledge that the “lowly” cannot comprehend nor practice without being under threat and or being punished for their infractions as if they were all in a state of arrested development–i.e., like mindless children only learning not to touch the stove after they get burned. So, it is their job to burn the families that will not ever learn how to raise good little government robots or insist on acting as if they had a right to instruct and influence the government’s children in the way they see fit rather than how the government sees fit.

    Now, I’m not supposing that all parents and bio-families are perfect or
    even half-way so. What I’m saying is all families are unique in their behaviors, beliefs, traditions and manner of raising their own kids–and that is the very reason everyone is ultimately at-risk for government intervention.
    These people do not want independent thinkers, individual and unique traditions and deeply held religious beliefs or values passed onto the children of the future. They want empty slates they can thoroughly turn into future little government workers who will not resist the government in any way. When the government feeds, clothes, educates, provides for their healthcare and even their after-school entertainment and sports programs they are making parents become irrelevant. By taking children away from their parents they are teaching the children they cannot trust their parents or bio-family to protect them and that the state is by far the greater power over one and all. Instead of teaching children their proper role in a well structured family where the parents or grand parents are respected, admired and loved the state makes sure children know their only hope is in having a state worker be their guardian and state providers who provide for their care according to state guidelines. They are effectively disconnecting children from their god-given family inheritance and eliminating competition for the children’s loyalty and regard. None of this is by accident as there are even more pernicious actors influencing our government to do away with all our individual rights and freedoms. And, they have been successful in many ways as our population–more and more brainwashed and deceived is tending to go along with the whole idea that the government can and should act like God in providing all things for all people–but at what cost they forget to say.

    I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, you are not alone and
    thousands of injured victims are now joining forces to try to put a stop to some of the worst abuses of power. I wish we could all work to completely dismantle the system and replace it with local employees who actually work and live in the same communities where the families they perform interventions with live and work. I also believe if someone has hurt or put a child at risk that person has committed a crime and should be arrested and afforded due process under the law. In 99% of all cases there is no logical reason to remove the children from their own homes (families, extended families, friends, local schools and churches, possessions, pets etc). If there was so much danger it actually would be cheaper for the state to hire social workers to be placed in the children’s homes and be responsible for their safety and for helping parents rectify any real deficits they may have in their parenting. There are moves in that direction in some states because of the amount of trauma inflicted on the children forcibly removed from everyone and everything they have ever known and loved–they sort of get Stockholm Syndrome where they eventually begin to side with their oppressors.

    I pray you will stay strong against the abuse you and your family have and probably will continue to endure. The injustices are unbelievable and overwhelming to everyone who has any moral compass at all. The system that has been created works to ensure you and your family will lose everything–your money, your physical and mental health, your very faith in God. And, when they are done they hope you will die an early (often self-inflicted) death to be rid of anyone who stands in their way. Don’t let them win. Stay healthy and physically, mentally and spiritually strong and stay in the battle for justice regardless how things turn out for you and yours–this is not just a fight for one child or one family, but for all children and all families now and in the future.
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