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Constitutional Carry HB195

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  • Constitutional Carry HB195

    Started by Will Martin

    We should not have to pay the State of Texas for a Constitutional Right (the 2nd Amendment) that is akin to the old protection racket. Governor Abbott how about supporting HB 195.


    I would remind everyone that the Constitution meant every American. That includes people with convictions, women, etc. Taking the Right tto keep and bear arms, allowed NO infringements. Infringements meant chipping away around the edges of the Right with even the most innocuous laws related to any arms, not just guns. People who have been convicted of crimes, must also have the right, as nothing in the Constitution allows anyone to ever take rights from anyone, under any circumstances. Taking their rights is a small step from taking your rights.

    The entire idea was to be able to prevent government acting as imperial or forcing it’s will on a people and the Constitution was how we assumed the rights for the entire world and the code by which we would interact with the entire world, all peoples and all nations. That we expected all people had these rights.

    Let’s get back to that original Constitution and restore all rights to all people, literally.

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