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licensed open carry. the border by far at top

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  • licensed open carry. the border by far at top

    Started by Doug Mahaney

    I am a licensed private investigator in south east tx my wife and I live in humble.we have been here over 5 years. We are both CHL holders. My self I have worked in one of the highest security jobs there are.what I’m getting at I have had a numberr of years as a commissioned officer a lot’s of training.I have gone through level 2 and 3 of security training in houston also I have oc spray retractable baton and hand cuffs.with all I have achieved I still have to conceal my weapon. But sir what I have seen in the level 3 class I would be afraid for the people in there to carry a gun period open carry is good but there needs to be more training.I have alot of experience.and I was concerned.with what I have seen.it’s not the instructor’s just need more firearm training before turning people out with an open firearm.I am sure you knew this just wanted to put in my opinion.thank you and congratulations my wife and I are with you and your staff.so happy for you and your family…thank you again.. sincerely doug mahaney and family.

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