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Stopping ALL fracking

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  • Stopping ALL fracking

    Started by Hank Lamb

    Texas relies on clean ground water for everything. Fracking has been absolutely proven to poison groundwater, by pumping hundreds of millions of gallons of “brine” water (chemically poisoned) per well, back into the ground. Around the nation entire towns are having their water trucked in by contractors working for the fracking companies working in their areas, because their local water is no longer any good. The fracking companies do not admit fault, but do buy the water, which speaks volumes.

    We have got to stop all fracking in Texas.

    In recent years we have been told that we have proven oil reserves to last 150 years. So why do we need to use the most expensive, most difficult to get to oils and gas now? In far less than 150 years, we had better be a long way past using any oil and gas ot other energy sources that damage the planet to harvest, or we will lag even further behind the several nation that already get a greater percentage of their energy from cleaner sources that work just fine today.

    Texas should be a leader i n the change over, because our economy and jobs are the most affected. It is time to begin closing and cleaning up refineries and oil fields and training those same folks for jobs in the fields of new energy sources, to both move us ahead, preserve jobs and build a new industry with unlimited sources of power like the wind and the sun.

    Texas must once again lead the world in a new energy filed. Not to do so is a mistake of enormous proportions. We are well behind already and it is costing us.

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