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    Started by Jerry Dalton

    Just a money making idea for Texas. There are many talented inmates, being locked up & costing the Honest folk’s money to keep them there. My idea; Revamp our prison’s, Correctional Officer’s, inmate detention’s, and much more. Make them work for their rent (?) Pay your CO’s a bit more, with Stipulation’s. Our prison’s are infested with mice, rat’s, roaches, Thieves & Dope. Too much Corruption, which will explode eventually. The prison system is the perfect way to teach an offender, to be better at his trade. Some can be taught to enter society & live the correct way. I do have ideas & when I was working for TDCJ, I saw so many dangerous thing’s going on & no one seemed to care. I have worked for a sheriff’s dept. & taught their CO’s how to do their job’s better. Jerry

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