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The SNAP program

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  • The SNAP program

    Started by Jacqueline Lewis

    In URGENT car of :
    Hello, I’m concerned about the ruling of the food stamp program. Now since you have gotten a drug charge after August 1996 you are not eligible to receive assistance ever again. I can understand people whom have gotten caught selling their stamps- this should apply to them , but I’ve choose to not have anything to do with drugs since 2005. can’t get assistance have to rely on food pantries to eat . I refuse to go and steal for food. A change need to be made like if you are caught selling drugs or a controlled substance after August 1996 you’ll be disqualified for 7 years and if you are caught the selling of your food stamps, you and the person that bought them will not be eligible to receive assistance ever. The machines that print or make the card should have the person who get the stamps picture in the corner this will stop people from selling their stamps. If that person with the picture on the card is sick where they can’t go to the store -They have to send with the person that is purchasing the items a valid picture ID to match it at the register. So Please revise.

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