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  • Water

    Started by Ray Hause

    We are on the edge of a major economic disaster if there are no long term plan established. I’ve heard all about building more reservoirs and that is not our problem when considering it requires rain to fill them. Then I hear about building Desalinization Plants, it will take a plant the size of Brazoria County, get serious. Thinking with a real long range idea, and keeping in mind that there was a lot of criticism when the idea of building the Panama Canal was first conceived, why not relieve the water problem from the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio Rivers by building an aqueduct running from upper N.E. Missouri across Oklahoma to the Panhandle and let it feed due south. Is that not out of the box?


    Thank you Mr. Hause. Greg Abbott considers water solutions one of his top priorities. How would you like to see this accomplished?

    M.C. Lambeth
    Policy, Texans for Greg Abbott

    Since Texas needs to get water into this state from other states I think Texas should champion the idea first with the Texas state representative body in our great state to build consensus on lobbying other state governors and US congressional members on the idea of a national water resource plan first. Once we have consensus that this is a national issue then proposals should be submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers for construction of a pipeline system that could move water from one location to another. All of this should be a multi-year commitment with all the cost being provided thru revenues generated by customers, be it individuals, businesses, or governmental bodies paying for the water.

    While I am certainly not an engineer or economics person, I would think that we could use our nations highway system property adjacent to the roads to build such a system and also take advantage of natural waterways if possible to reduce cost.

    It would be great if Texas could partner with other states that are having water resource issues to speed this lobbying effort up.

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