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  • We the People

    Started by Team Abbott

    Texas is the world’s 13th largest economy. We must protect our state sovereignty, our God-given freedoms and the individual rights enumerated in the Constitution. Texas will again lead the fight through our Bicentennial and beyond.


    I believe building a bicentennial blueprint toward 2036 is a great idea! I would like to propose we, the people of Texas, should consider the possibility of seceding from the United States.

    In one respect, secession sounds like a ludicrous idea, it sounds a little silly! However, I look back at our great nation, and I am in shock of how drastic our country has changed since 2001. I fear there may never be enough momentum to stop the wheels of socialism, that just received great momentum recently, in America.

    Social entitlements are like an addictive drug to a country. Slowly, over time, America has become dependent on big government. America’s founding fathers found a means to establish a country of the people, by the people, and for the people. Slowly over time, our country has become the nightmare our colonists experienced 237 years’ ago: a country of the government, by the government, and for the government.

    In some respects, the possibility of secession may be the only way to give the American dream a fighting chance. It may very well be the last frontier for freedom. Inasmuch, it stands to reason, we as Texans, should at least begin to envision the foundational concepts required to build an Independent Lone Star State by 2036, right now.

    I have heard arguments that Texas does not have the legal right to secede from the U.S. But I think we have twenty-two years to prepare for any technical changes required to make secession a realistic option by 2036.

    Essentially the idea of making Texas more independent, over the next twenty-two years, sounds like a more realistic goal to achieve. Perhaps we start there, and see where the momentum takes us.

    How about we leave God out of it? I’m an Atheist but I could just as well be a Satan worshiper for all religion has a damned thing to do with politics–according to the law of OUR land. Don’t even think about succeeding from the USA because there’s a lot of people who would fight against it–we worked too hard to become one of the United States of America to give up that right. I want to see Medicaid expanded and everyone eligible for good healthcare, not just emergency needs met at the local ER which only places a greater burden on the public at large. I want our children’s education to be our highest priority and a college education to be every person’s goal. I want our infrastructure maintained which would create a huge number of good jobs. And speaking of jobs, poverty and the under insured, let’s start tracking them in ways that show a realistic picture rather than this false one which politics is so keen on. And for Heaven’s sake, let’s end marriage inequality and allow same sex marriage in this state.

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