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Subdivisions the housing bubble

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  • Subdivisions the housing bubble

    Started by Bas van der Veer

    I have lived in CA for more than a decade and can talk to you all day about how-not-to 🙂

    California severely limits subdivisions. Basically the legal process is so complicated , and very expensive construction is required, so only big development companies can work their way through. I believe this is the real cause of the very damaging (I dare say, crippling)”housing bubble” – not the banks!

    Texas has not done this and as such has done well. But I see the writing on the wall. The development companies want the restrictions. They funnel money into NGO’s, “green development” propaganda.

    Texas already has great protections in place for agricultural property of 10ac+. I think we need to extend this protection to residential property as well.

    >> No actual construction should be required to complete the subdivision. Roads are a major expense that can easily exceed the value of the property. Merely recording the deed with proper access and utility easements should be sufficient.

    >> Building code Inspections should be optional for privately built homes. Only commercially built “track” homes (where the owner will not occupy the building) should be subject to inspections.


    I am aware that subdivision laws are local laws , but the state can still limit what the county / city can or cannot require.

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